Posted by: Tracy | July 7, 2012

Fun Day

Day 12; 7/6/2012:

Yesterday was a fun day with my kids, I wanted to take them for the day and just have fun since I am leaving for almost a week.  I didn’t tell them where we were heading and we sunblocked and left.  I took them to a park where we played for over an hour then we did the free lunch program.  Since they were getting bored of the playground I asked them if they wanted to surprise Grandpa and Grandma and of course they said yes.  Right after I said that my dad called and asked what the kids were up to and was wondering they could come over to help with loading wood into their shed.  Perfect timing, we went and some helped for a little.  Greggory was a work horse and worked about 2 hours helping, he sure did sweat.  He enjoyed helping Grandpa!  Josiah helped at the end and he was loving it too.  Then they found potato bugs and started playing with those.   Katelyn and Angelique got bored real quick and they played in the playroom for hours without fighting.  I am proud of them.  I let them know and let Brett know in front of them how good they were.

I went out with some friends and watched “Monty Python; The Holy Grail” and that was funny.  After that we went to a restaurant and chatted.  It was a good evening spent.

I really enjoyed yesterday and it was a good send off for my vacation.  I will miss my kids and my husband.  This is the first time I have every done anything like this.  I will be bringing my book to read and study it along the pool side or any down time I have.  I pray that I will come back feeling refreshed and ready to be a better parent.

(I will not be blogging while I am gone so it will be over a week before I blog again.)



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