Posted by: Tracy | July 5, 2012

God Changes Behavior

Day 11; 7/5/2012:

Today was a pretty good even though I had some trouble with Katelyn.  I stayed calm through the whole thing at one point I started to get a little heated with her but then remembered slow to anger.  I let her know I was trying very hard not to get angry with her and that she need to stop allowing Satan to run her life.  I advised her to pray to God and allow the Holy Spirit control her heart.  After that talk she calmed down and has been a great kid.

I had special moment with Katelyn today.  The movie “Hop” finished playing and the ending had some really cool music playing as she came into the kitchen I swooped her up and started dancing with her.  Well she is getting so big now well we almost fell to floor.  I was cracking up and so was she.  It was a good moment for us.  I love her!

Greggory and I had some moments together as well but it’s harder to get through to him since he doesn’t have a relationship with God yet and he doesn’t understand it yet.  I do keep talking to him about God and how his behavior should be with his siblings and the dog and how he should be loving them.  I did have one conversation with him today  about loving and I think he understood he wasn’t being loving.  Another time he accidentally hurt  Josiah and Greggory instantly apologized to him.  I will keep what I am doing with him and eventually he will understand.

It has been neat seeing myself change and how the children has even noticed my change in my parenting.  Spiritual parenting has been a blessing to me and I have only gotten to the 2nd chapter of it.  I am excited to see more change in myself and my children.  I praise God for my change!


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