Posted by: Tracy | July 4, 2012

Surrendering Self

Day 9; 7/3/2012:

Yesterday started off so well with the kids.  All the chores got done by 11am without fighting and they got to play.  It all changed after Katelyn got home from spending some time with my mom, don’t know why her behavior was like that.  She was treating Angelique unloving when she got back.  Angelique wasn’t doing anything to her at all so I don’t know what happened to cause this kind of mood towards her all evening.  We had guest over and they both had an incident to the point Kate got in more in trouble than she should have gotten.  I know I could have handled a lot better but I was really embarrassed by both of their behaviors.  Brett took Ang and I took Kate but Kate wouldn’t listen to me and eventually Brett had to step in with her.  I tried to stay as calm as I can but I don’t know how well I did because I felt like a failure as parent in front our guest.  It was hard, Kate snapped out of it for the rest of evening while they were at our place.

Then bedtime was not good moment for us either with her, she wasn’t be loving towards Angelique again so we put Katelyn in the boys room.  We had one more altercation with her during that as well.  I don’t know what to do with her at times, we stayed as calm as we could.  She keeps lying to us and that was the biggest thing for the bedtime stuff.  She claims she doesn’t do anything even though we see it and calls us the liars and unloving parents because we tell her no.

So reflection on yesterday is that I have a lot to learn and work on with my parenting.  I wasn’t going to bringing my book on my vacation and take a break from anything parenting but I have decided I am going to be bringing it with me.  It may be the best thing to do in my down time there and come back refreshed with new ideas to help me.  I know I didn’t surrender myself yesterday and I need to be trusting and putting my full faith in Him.  I need to surrender myself every minute of the day and I chose not to do it every minute than I don’t handle things well.  Surrendering myself is the biggest key for me to be working on.


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