Posted by: Tracy | July 3, 2012

Creating Environments

Day 8; 7/2/2012:

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I love hearing my kids singing with the station on Praise & Worship on Pandora, it warms my heart especially when I hear the kids around the neighborhood that are 6 and younger singing not so good songs.  We had a neighbor girl over at our place yesterday she is 14 or 15 years old and comes from a home that isn’t very good (her and siblings use our place as a safe place to come over to) and she told me she loves the music we are listening to.  This is one environment I am creating in my home by playing Praise & Worship music all day long, they are soaking in good clean music that sings about God.

I went to lunch with a really good friend of mine and we talked about things regarding people we have in our lives and Spiritual Parenting.  It got me thinking how am I going to create environments in my home that will be pleasing to God and me surrounding at all times to God. I also want people that come into my home and feel that God is present in our home.  I haven’t read farther into the book because I am rereading the first 2 chapters to understand my faith better.  We talked about getting a journal book to have with reading so we can make notes on it and what we have learned from the thing we learned from it.  In the book chapter 3 and on are the chapters that help you create the environments in a home.  So I know I will be taking notes and that and following through with it.  I think this will be a book I will want to read yearly to keep the training I am learning.  I want to be that parent that my kids can tell others and say mom loves God and she used Him to parent us.  I know I will not be perfect because a spiritual parent isn’t a perfect parent but how we handle our mistakes as parents is how it will show.  Am going to keep those mistake and hold it against myself or am I going surrender it God and learn from it?

I had another heart warming moment with one of my children since starting this new journey as a parent.  Angelique was getting mad at Katelyn for something I asked her to come down and we talked about her raised voice.  After we were done (which was only a 2 minute or so conversation) Angelique says “mom, I will try to slow to anger next time.”  I praised God after that, what a proud moment for me and see my change in parenting is blessing them as well.

Katelyn was hanging out with this neighbor girl and the girl’s behavior rubbed onto Katelyn.  We had some issues with her but not too bad but I could tell Brett was getting angry so when he started to go to her I reminded him to slow to anger and slow to speak, I saw him take a deep breath and didn’t hear any screaming.  The James 1:19 & 20 has become a huge help to our family in anger issues.  I recommend others that struggle with anger to start praying over it and use it.


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