Posted by: Tracy | July 1, 2012

Building Relationships

Day 8; 7/1/2012

God is awesome and He gave this day to be Spiritually refreshing.  The kids were really good today and I am very proud of them.  I had a few conversations with them about Christ like behaviors but it wasn’t because they were doing anything wrong but just to keep it fresh and in training of having them.

For our Sunday night group we started to do a little worshiping with the kids and read part of “The Big God Story” to them.  We want to teach them why we get together on Sundays and allow them to start forming their own faith.  I don’t want to think we just get together for food, play and send them across to our neighbors place because we want to get rid of them.  I want them to form  a relationship with Christ and fellowship with other Christians at a young age.  I am excited to watch all of them grow in Christ and be able to be help them develop the relationship with Him.

Today was a good day for me because I got to share with others about the things I am learning through reading “Spiritual Parenting” by Michelle Anthony and sharing about my faith in Christ to my fellow believers.  I feel rejuvenated after today because all of the conversations I have had today was mostly about unconditional love, kingdom perspective and faith.  I am ready to hit this week surrendering to Him and allowing Him to be my guide, to use the Holy Spirit to change all attitudes and be my all.


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