Posted by: Tracy | June 29, 2012

The Nightmares of Fighting Kids!

Day 6 6/29/2012:

When Katelyn and Angelique need to clean their room (shouldn’t be that messy since they cleaned it yesterday but it is) it brings the worse in them.  I keep talking them about being Christ like and if they can’t be loving towards each other then don’t talk to each other.  They had to sit for a calming time out to think about what there reactions have done.  They lost out on our fun activity I was going to do, we were going to a park and eat lunch there but since they couldn’t get along do as I asked them we aren’t going.  Maybe next we can do it, we will see.

While they were sitting they were backing talking me and kept arguing with each other I lost it with them because they just wouldn’t listen.  I don’t know how to deal with them when they are like this so is when I need to learn how to be Christ like and not lose it with them.

One good thing I did today with them was having them pull a chore out of the chore bag since they wouldn’t stop fighting today was the first time they did it.  Katelyn pulled out cleaning the microwave (she’s lucky since I just cleaned 2 weeks ago and it’s still pretty clean) and Ang pulled out cleaning the light switches. When they were done with that chore they could play, Katelyn went out and told everyone she learned how to clean the microwave.  She seemed pretty proud of herself.  They didn’t fight anymore after that.

Let’s just say this day wasn’t a spiritual parenting day and I have a long way to go and learn.  Katelyn was in one of her moods and Angelique kept egging her on.  I lost it with them and I dislike I do that and not stay calm.  I failed as a spiritual parent especially since I didn’t surrender myself to God today.



  1. Kudos for success with the job jar!
    Consider having a fun activity that the kids can’t ‘lose’ with bad behaviour. Only you know about it, then spring it on them. Might lighten the atmosphere on a wretched day. Have a blessed day, Trace!

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