Posted by: Tracy | June 28, 2012

Learning to be Christ like

Day 4 6/27/2012:

Yesterday was a much better day for me even in the bickering of kids and disobedient ones.   I don’t know how many times  I told one of kids to be nice to the dog and tell him that he is not being very nice to God’s creations someday he will understand.  I had a good conversation with Katelyn and Angelique about the passage of James 1:19 & 20, what that verse meant.  Also talked to them how they are sisters by blood but they are sisters in Christ as well.  Explained the way they treat each other is unloving and not how God wants believers to be treating each other that way.  We talked about it makes God sad by saying such hurtful words to one another and we need to watch what we say.  I also told them I would be working on James 1:19 &20 as well because I struggle in it too.   I don’t know how much they got it but we will keep talking about it and eventually they will get it and I know it may not be anytime soon.

I lost it with Josiah in the morning because he was doing something he wasn’t suppose to be doing and I slipped up in my old ways again.  I left the room and knew I needed to go apologize to him so once I calmed down I went to him.  I sat him on my lap and the first thing that came out of his lips before I could say anything was “mommy, you need to say sorry.”  I said that is what I was going to do.  So I apologized to him for not having Christ like behavior and will you forgive me and he did.  He gave me a hug and kiss.

My really good friend stopped by that went to class with us and we chatted about the book some.  I told her I was struggling with how do you show faith to them and hoping the author talks about discipline.  My friend told me most people go straight to the immediate things that are happening want the quick fix now instead of the foundation of the issues.  They talked about that in the class on Saturday and I thought more of task and stuff and the behaviors as well.  I learned something yesterday from her, I need to build my foundation which is my faith and the discipline will follow and other behaviors will follow as well.

I was watching niece and nephew yesterday.  Greggory and my niece were playing and Greggory looks at her and says “God loves you!”  She didn’t really respond to him but I was sure proud of him because I always tell me kids that God loves them and I do it out of the blue always.

I will be praying more of things I have read so far and see I can build my faith to be the example to my kids.  I will also keep talking to my kids about what Christ like behavior is and use the scriptures to help me to build that in them.  Another thing I want to talk them about the things God gives us and takes away are from God  and we need to be giving the Him the glory for and not ourselves.  Those are the things I will be working for now.

James 1:19 & 20

 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.


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