Posted by: Tracy | June 25, 2012

Day 1 of Spiritual Parenting

Day 1: 6/24/2012

As my kids entered my room I prayed for each of my children out loud for them to be blessed by God for the day and that God will show His love to them.  Katelyn didn’t really want me to pray for her but I told her I was going to do it anyways.

Katelyn and Angelique for some reason decided to shower together and Kate was hogging the shower from Angelique, well they started to bicker.  I went in and prayed out loud for them asking the Lord to help them not to be fighting and they can learn how to use calm and nice words.  After I prayed instantly Angelique asked Katelyn “will you please move so I can get wet?”  Katelyn moved and Angelique told her thank you.

The rest of yesterday went pretty smoothly.  God blessed me with the little things that I changed yesterday.  God  showed me what can happen when I turn to Him and use Him instead of doing it on my own.  I am never along God is with me all the time and He is the one for me to turn to.  He put Brett as my spouse and there to help me but Brett can’t give me strength or the peace that God can.



  1. Way cool, Tracy!

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