Posted by: Tracy | June 25, 2012

Learning to be a Spiritual Parent

Day 2 6/25/2012:

Today was a hard day for me in learning to be a spiritual parent.  I could tell when Katelyn woke up she was going to have a rough day, I prayed for her and kept praying for her throughout the day.  She just couldn’t pull out of it today.  I had some great times with her as well.  The out of routine and the remodel of the kitchen and the not sleeping well I figure took a toll on her today. I had a nice chat with her today about Christ like behavior and how it looks like.  She understands the behavior she was having today wasn’t Christ like but doesn’t know how to change when in a funk she was in today.  I will be praying to God in using the Holy Spirit to help me to help her because I am not responsible for her behavior. I know by the help of the Holy Spirit we can get through this with her but I worry at times she will make it but that is my flesh that worries.  I was reminded from my mom how much improvement she has made in her behavior, that was a blessing for me to hear.  Katelyn is making great strides in her behavior and I am proud of her.

I did pray a lot today and I played worship and praise music filling the house.  During the daytime I plan to have a Pandora playing praise and worship music to help.  Also I need to remember to surrender myself as parent and allow the Holy Spirit to work in me.

I started reading the book today and learned a lot and highlighted some info that stood out to me.  I am hoping that she will touch on disciplining as a spiritual parenting because there is a better way than I am doing right now.  I am praying that I can discipline the God wants me to discipline my children in the way He has intrusted me with.  They are His children and I need to love them and show them who they are in Christ.

I do know I need to work on showing my faith to the kids and model it to them.  The thing I am not fully understanding is how will modeling faith help them make better choices for their lives.  I know it will make my life more Christ like.  I also don’t understand how just showing faith will help them to make better choices. I will be praying over the things that I have read so far and what has stood out in the two chapters I have already read.

Here is some highlights I want to pray over for myself and can learn:

Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony

“Spiritual parenting-it’s parenting from a spiritual perspective with eternity in mind.”

My child’s behavior isn’t my responsibility

“Who does God require me to be as a  parent, and how will I  create environments in my home to be at work in the unique children that He has entrusted to me?”

Psalms 78 God’s blueprint

“We’re creating environments so that we open our homes and our children’s lives to the Holy Spirit, so He can do His work in them.”



  1. Loosy goosey summer schedules and remodeling affects us all. Seasons and celebrations, regular days of worship and fasting are all God-given ways of making our days ordered. We all need order to make sense of the chaos around us (and Kate more than most). Keep working on that!
    Also, when we parents act in a spirit-led way it gives direction, light and encouragement to our children – all of which gives them a leg up in following the Lord. They might not make the right choices now, but they have the foundation to do so in the future. Also, being spirit-led ourselves keeps us from stumbling our children, I think.
    Blessings Tracy,

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