Posted by: Tracy | June 24, 2012

Spiritual Parenting

Yesterday Brett and I attended a conference on Spiritual Parenting.  It really hit home because I am not parenting with the help of God.  I am praying for my kids occasionally or shooting up tons of arrow prays but nothing that will help my kids know my faith in God.  We will be starting in small groups soon to learn more and support in using our faith for parenting.  We also bought the book “The Spiritual Parenting” by Michelle Anthony. We got her children’s book as well called “The Big God Story” it’s about God and His promises throughout the Bible and that we are part of His story.  I am excited to be learning more and start reading the book to learning new ways and making me a better parent to my children while growing in my faith.

This is some of the stuff I got from the workshop yesterday.

How will we (I) turn my immediate task to Spiritual task?

Spiritual parenting isn’t a perfect parent.

God is our audience not people.

Faith=personal surrender and firm conviction.

How do I share my faith with my kids? Also need to share when I am struggling in my faith to my children.

Don’t fall in love with the world but fall in love with God and the world will not look good anymore.

Spiritual Parenting=surrenders self and passes it to the kids.

Children need to know the Word but they need be transformed by it.

We are not the center of the story because we are not to be self centered.  Change from being self centered to other centered and allow God to be the center of the story.

Our home needs to have a faith based environment.

Teach the kids the order of the Bible instead of being random through it.
Start with In the beginning…….

Make sure Jesus is the hero

We part of it

Make it relate  to child’s age

Include the kids as part of the big story

Be on the look out for the teachable moments.

Those were all my Aha! Moments yesterday.

I got to use some of it right away.  Katelyn was having an issue and I prayed for her out loud so she could her the words what I am asking God to help her with.  Then we talked about how she can have God help her in calming down even in a crowded area and that He can take her annoyance away.  I did let her know it may not be an immediate thing but to keep surrendering herself to God will help her to get through it and give her the peace.

More to come daily as I change my ways in parenting.  God is good!

Here is a link to Michelle Anthony:



  1. So cool, Tracy. Just minutes ago I discovered a new site,, Where Life becomes Worship. Seems to dovetail with what you’re learning.

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