Posted by: Tracy | April 9, 2012



I don’t even know where to start about the Easter we had because it was Awesome!

We meet with a group of good friends every Sunday and go through scriptures, sing, chat and eat.  On Palm Sunday one our friends brought up that he was sick of Easter eggs and the Easter bunny because that is not what Easter is all about.  He wanted to go out into the community and share Christ with others and come up with the idea to go to a nursing home.  He is not a planner at all so which he had to step out of his comfort zone and plan all this and have it planned in a week.  He did and by the Holy Spirit leading him he did a great job of the planning.

Easter day we all celebrated Easter with our church families then meet together to head to the assisted living home.  There was about 15 elderly that stayed to worship with us.  We sang a few songs and some sang with such joy.  I loved seeing them light up singing songs to Christ!  We read the resurrection passage in Luke.  The kids did some crafts with them and our boys even gave theirs to this wonderful couple.  We did lots of talking with them.  All the conversations our group had with these elderly was a blessing and joy to brighten their day up.  After spending time with them we went to our place for dinner.  The kids played and we worshiped more and chatted more.  After kids went down the adults played games.  When going to bed I felt so much blessed by these people and how we followed God’s calling to go it was an amazing experience.

Today just trying to take it all in and praising to God for all that went on yesterday and some things that need to be brought out in writing.  One of the elderly talked to our friend about how she or the facility has been trying to get churches out there to have worship service with the residents on a monthly basis and no churches want to take that on.  God has answered this residents prayer because we are going to come on a monthly basis to worship with them.  I am also saddened that the churches they have asked didn’t take that opportunity to share Christ with them.  They are not able to go worship at churches because they unable to get there due to their physical health.  It is sad to me and I pray for those churches that their hearts will be soften to the Lord’s calling.

Another I almost didn’t have all my children go because I didn’t want to have to hassle with them.  I am so thankful that the Lord nudged me to take them because they had a great time.  I loved watching my kids interact with them and the residents interacting with my kids.  They will be coming monthly to worship with the elderly as well.

The last thing that is laying on my heart that somebody said to me at our church that hit home and know why yesterday was such a blessing.  He heard from somebody else new term for Christians are “submarine Christians”, we only come out for Easter and Christmas.  That is sad to be considered that because that is not what we are called to be.  I know I have been hogging Christ to myself and the family but God has been leading me to say “I am wrong and I need to change”.  I can’t be hogging Christ and I need to be sharing Christ to everyone not just to my family.  I am tired of using the excuse that I am too busy with my family or that is where my life is right now and it’s time to stop.

God is showing me where and how I need to be sharing His love and His Salvation to others, yesterday was an eye opener for me.


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