Posted by: Tracy | April 3, 2012

Katelyn’s day

We had a perfect day yesterday with Katelyn.  The day back for school from Spring Break for Katelyn I was dreading due to the last few days of behavior issues.  I went to go wake her up and let her know to get ready for school while I showered.  I got out and asked her to get ready, she replied to me “mom, you told me I needed shower last night.”  She actually took quick shower, got dressed, brushed hair and had breakfast all on her own without me nagging her.  We left for school and she didn’t fight with sister, no grouchy Katelyn and ready for the day attitude.  I even praised her for the great morning she had.

The afternoon she was great as well. I had her and Ang put clothes away together which I usually don’t because they always fight while doing, today no fighting was done during it.   She went door to door collecting money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for school, she collected so many pennies that the box fell apart.  Then Grandpa and Grandma picked her up for Aikido to find out if she passed her belt test which she did, now she is a orange belt.  I am so proud of her.  They got home quite late and she had so much joyous energy that I didn’t think she would have an easy time going to sleep.  I thought maybe she would wake up Ang but nope she didn’t.  She went straight to bed without any troubles.

I am proud of Katelyn’s day and how well she did.  I didn’t have to break up any fights or anything.  These are the days I cherish and see the sweet child my Katelyn is.



  1. Beautiful blog, Tracy! A great place to shine a light on the successes and struggles of parenting. God has blessed us, for sure!

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