Posted by: Tracy | April 1, 2012

Prayer for me as a parent to Katelyn

I need lots of prayer.  I need strength to parent Katelyn in the way of the Lord.  It has been really hard since Friday morning.  I have heard fighting, being flipped off, told I am a bad mom and many other things she has said to me.  She keeps saying hurtful things to me and I know she doesn’t mean them but it still hurts.  She did pretty well for the second half of the day until bedtime it all started again.  If this is going to be my norm, I pray it isn’t but I don’t know how much more I can take of it.

The last three days the medication doesn’t to be helping her but it could be because it’s spring break.  I am so tired of blaming her behavior on an event instead of her choosing not to behave and defying me.  I am tired of having the blunt of her behavior towards me.  She has her anger towards Angelique as well then it turns towards me when I step in.  It doesn’t seem to phase her how hurtful she is being. The last three days all I seem to be doing is crying and feels like I have failed as a parent.

My prayer for me is to help me have strength when I am being verbally assaulted by her and that I can use the words of God to help calm her down.  I need to be a light of His Love towards her and allow it flow to her.  I need to feel His Peace in times of trouble.

My prayer for Katelyn is for her to experience God’s Love during rage of anger.  I want her to be able feel the peace around her and the comfort that she needs.  I want her to understand the words she is using is not loving towards God, me, Brett and siblings.  I want her to be able to learn to control herself so she doesn’t end up to in a dark place because of her choices.

My heart is heavy for her.


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