Posted by: Tracy | January 3, 2012

Katelyn’s Self Worth

Katelyn struggles with her self worth.  She has a hard time seeing the positive in herself.  When suggested how well she does something she finds the negative in it by saying she doesn’t know everything about it.  It saddens me to see that she has a hard time seeing her worth but I am not surprised.

I attend Stand Up Parenting on Thursday’s to help me be a better parent to her.  This week and for the next few weeks my plan is to build her self worth up and help her to feel better about herself.   Today I screwed up and realized that it’s all my fault for her feeling the way she does.  Here I am suppose to be building her up instead I tear her down and said something I can never take back.  I realized after I said it, her whole face dropped and she started to cry.  I did apologize and I told her I didn’t mean it and that I loved her but that didn’t matter. She ignored me all the way to her school.  She wouldn’t even say goodbye to me.  I am glad she went running off smiling for school so I didn’t totally screw up her day.

How am I suppose to build her up when I have issues in tearing her down?  I guess that will be my plan for the week: build her up and restrain from saying anything when frustrated.  I want her to know who she is and that she likes herself for who she is.  I want her to be positive of herself.

This past year I didn’t have much confidence in myself until I got some help to see it.  I still have issues and what happened today I had questioned my parenting and if I was bad at it.  I asked myself if it was true and it wasn’t so I don’t need to question if I am a bad mom for what I did.  I made a mistake and I can change it.



  1. Just keep moving forward, darlin’. One of the biggest mistakes we can make as parents is to try and “make it up” to our children. You did the right thing by apologizing to her, but make sure you don’t keep saying you’re sorry; that will help her to move forward as well. You are such a good mom, Tracy; I’m proud of you, and inspired by you… ~RR

  2. You can change it, for both of you. I wish you the best and hope you have had a better week since!

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