Posted by: Tracy | September 28, 2011

My Busy Life

The new school year started and I thought things would settle down for me but I was dead wrong it got worse than better.  Every day I am driving at the minimum 40 miles a day and spending about 3 hours a day in my van driving around picking kids up.  I also realized I don’t have a free day of nothing on a week day.  The calendar you see from up above is all my plans so far for the month of October and that is not including all my driving I have to do.  I am starting to get worn out and we are only 3 weeks into school and many more weeks to go.  I don’t know how much more business I can take.   I really need to start saying “no” and decide what I need to give up but really I don’t know if I can give up anything.  So I will need to be praying for guidance.

There is so much I want to take on but I don’t know if I can because of my busy schedule.  I want to reach out to our community and serve them.  I want to get together with friends and just have a cup a coffee or spend time with them.  I want to fellowship and serve God the way He wants me to serve.  The biggest thing that is stopping me is time especially if you see my calendar from up above I don’t know where I would fit it all in without burning myself up. I don’t know where God wants me in serving the community or my friends because of my busy time. Maybe I am using my busy time as an excuse but I don’t see where I could fit it in. I will be praying in what guidance He wants me to serve.

To top this is all off I have kids to take care and raise them in sights of the Lord.  Tanisha I need to have things fixed in her IEP since she is behind and she needs all the help she can. The cancer treatments have damaged her brain to were it can’t learn like a normal functioning brain would.  Then I have Katelyn with all her Sensory issues and making sure her schooling is going well.  Then Greggory is getting tested for sensory issues as well so I am in communications with a Social worker and his teachers in trying to help him.  I am also in the process of trying to potty train Josiah which I need more time to get him too.  I am having issues with him since he doesn’t care to use the toilet even trying use M & M’s as an incentive.

I was asked today how I was dealing with all of this and the answer I gave was “I don’t know, I don’t have time to think about it.”  With all the driving around I have to do I thought about it some today and I still would say “I don’t know.”  Please pray for me as I am dealing with all of this craziness of my life.  Some day my life will slow down but maybe that is just hope and it will never happen.


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