Posted by: Tracy | April 25, 2010


This past week we found out that Katelyn has a sensory, communication (which we already knew about this one) and emotional behavior disorders.  All the test  findings were a little overwhelming for me and now I am coming out of a fog that left me.  Since she has a sensory disorder this explains the behavior she has.  I understand her better and now we need to understand how to help her.  This is my next step to do.

The day we were told this I was so overwhelmed and went to Bible Study that night.  The study was going into how Paul was joyous during his sufferings and we should be  as well.  That night I didn’t know how joy could come out of something that is overwhelming and that can leave me so emotionally drained.  I am still searching for that joy but it is getting closer to finding it because I have a wonderful God that is bringing me through this.

The specialists from the special ed. gave us all the testing results and observation notes to take home and look over them.  I don’t understand half of it but I do recognize she has difficulties in most of the areas they were testing.  In one part of the testing for the behavior was an observation of Katelyn for the day.  The observation of her playing outside really broke my heart and I choke up every time I read it or think about it.  The whole recess time she was searching/reaching/yearning for somebody to talk to her or even to play with her.  She even tried talking to a boy and he flat out ignored her.  Another time a boy fell and scrapped up his knee and elbow and Katelyn reached her hand to try to help him.  He ignored and wouldn’t allow her to help him.  This just breaks my heart.  That is just one incident.

I do understand that her behavior can detract friends but they are really missing out on a true friendship.  She has the sweetest personality but  they don’t want to give her a chance.  She really is trying to show them her sweet, caring and loving heart but they are missing out.  It really saddens me.  This happens to her all the time where kids and adults have written her off and they don’t look past her behavior issues.  I understand the kids but not adults.  It has happened at church and at her past school.

I talk to my kids to watch or look out for kids that are by themselves and go over to talk with them.  I understand that feeling of lonely, unwanted and unliked because I was a kids on the out skirt.  Now my child is that child as well.  I even talk to my kids to treat the kids that have behavior problems nicely and to talk to them as well.  They maybe causing trouble but I tell them there is an underlying problem that is causing them to act like that.  My has an underlying reason she acts the way she does.  Her brain isn’t functioning the way it should be.  Those kids may need somebody to be their friend and I want my kids the be their friend no matter what.

I pray that good will come out of this and she can be successful in the future.  I pray this open people’s hearts and look for those people who feel like they are on the out skirts of circles.  It happens every where work, school and church.


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