Posted by: Tracy | February 22, 2010

Ways to Handle the Struggles through Parenthood!

The last blog was about my struggles on being a mother and now I following up with the ways I deal with those struggles.

Here is the ways I handle these struggles.

~I send up a lot of arrow prayers to God.

~I give the kids a snack and go into the bathroom to take a quick prayer time with God.  I pray to release me from the situation, to take control of it because I can’t do it myself, ask Him to take satan out of the house, give me strength and to react in a loving way to my children.

~I remind myself that God gave me these children to raise for His glory.

~I gave myself a theme song for when everything is just falling apart and I am starting to lose it.  I start singing: Give me oil in my lamp, keep it burning.  Give me oil in my lamp, I pray. Give me oil in my lamp, Keep me burning,
Give me oil in my lamp, I pray. Give me oil in my lamp, Keep me burning, Keep me burning Till the break of day. Sing hosanna! sing hosanna! Sing hosanna to the King of kings! Sing hosanna! sing hosanna!
Sing hosanna to the King!

~I call my husband if I am able to just to talk it out.

~I journal my struggles to God during my quiet time with it.

~I also have a thankful journal that I try to do every night to think of all the things that God has blessed me during the day.  So I can focus on the good things instead of the bad things that happened that day.  That really helps when you feel like nothing went good but really there were good things that did happen.  I have even put how He blessed me with beautiful weather, if that is the only the I can think of.

~I also ask for prayer from my close friends and ask them to be my accountability.

Those are just some of the things I do to help me with my struggles.

How do you deal with struggles and get through them so you don ‘t  let them rule your life/days?   I would love to hear them because I can use a lot of different ways to help me or it could help others that read this and they are struggling with parenthood.


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