Posted by: Tracy | February 20, 2010

Struggles of Being a Parent

I love being a mother but there are days/hours/minutes that I wonder why I wanted to be a mother.  I am pretty sure I am not alone here.  I love my children and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I deal with some struggles as being a mother to my children and I have deal with them on a daily/hour/minute bases.  That really bothers me.

Here are my struggles:

~Being a constant referee between kids

~Days that seem to fall apart easily for everyone at the same time

~Handling the whining

~Not knowing what is age appropriate chores or behavior

~Expectations set too high

~Trying to help a child problem solve but they don’t listen to you

~Picking up after everyone when I just cleaned that area

That are just some things I struggle with as being a mother to my children.  I really wish I didn’t struggle with these but I do.

What do you struggle with being a parent?

In another blog I will touch on how I get through these times I struggle and what tools I use to help me out in them.



  1. EVERY one of these and more! We always love our children, but there are times when it is SO difficult to like them! The most important part of parenting is living in the moments that matter, and then realizing that all of them matter… Funny, one of the methods I use most, I learned from Blue’s Clues…. “When you get frustrated, Stop, Breathe, and Think!” Oddly, it sometimes works!

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