Posted by: Tracy | February 18, 2010


I have been thinking since really nobody reads this blog even when I have posted a new one, I may just stop.  I am thinking I might just write in a journal instead where my husband, myself and God can read it.  There is no point in writing a blog and feel lead to write it for others to hopefully be helped in things they might be struggling as well and then have nobody read it.  I am praying about this and maybe this will be my last entry, who knows.



  1. Tracy, I appreciate all you do. The struggles you have walked through with the Lord and then shared with us. I appreciate your open heart and the eagerness you have to learn what God is teaching you. It takes a lot to share your life with others so openly. We all have struggles and tough times and most of us don’t like to share it. It’s nice to know how others deal with the same issues we may be facing and then in turn learn that God is teaching you something through it all. I try to keep my eyes and ears and heart open to God. He has so much to teach us and if we listen we will hear Him. If this is the last time you share, may God bless you in that decision. But just so you know, we are listening to you too..


  2. I often read, but don’t often leave comments… I am always encouraged, refreshed, or provoked to think when I read your blog. YOU, my friend, are much appreciated! ~RR

  3. I blogged continuously for three months, offering updates four days a week before people started interacting on mine. I also visited blogs that were a lot like my own and developed relationships with the authors, which helped inform my writing and fed me, as well. If you allow your blog to lay dormant for a long period of time, you’re not going to draw many people to interact on it.

    During those long months, I just kept writing and putting my thoughts and ideas about my journey with God out there, hoping that I would be of some encouragement to someone. God honored those hopes, and there were people whose lives were touched by what I wrote, and our relationship.

    If you blog to share your faith and journey with God, it must be motivated out of a desire that others might (really heavy on the “might”) find it and be affirmed, whether or not they do. It is exercise for the soul. prayers and conversations with Him that are put to keyboard.

    I would encourage you to keep writing. You have good style, and, in time, if you keep writing and it is always as sincere as you are, people will find you. You might join a blog ring, like “Mommy bloggers” or “Christian women”, which will draw in some traffic.

    Whatever you do, Go mbeannai Dia thu.

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