Posted by: Tracy | February 13, 2010

Valentine’s Day

Well tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I was thinking about it.   One of the questions I was pondering why do we celebrate Valentine’s?  Is it to let the men know it’s okay to show their love to their woman at least once in that year without feeling like a wuss ? From the society point of view for the men on any other given day if they send chocolate or flowers to their woman other men will ask “what he did wrong to piss his woman off?”  I know this day is more for the woman because the guys could care less about this day.  I kept on thinking on ideas on this day and why we celebrate it.  I don’t know.

We should be showing our love to our loved one every day of the year not just one day.  Also another thing if you look at Valentine’s day it isn’t that religeous either.    Christ loved us so much that He died on the cross for us.  Shouldn’t we be showing graditude of His love as well.  Christ brought my husband to me and Brett is a gift from God.  How many people take a look and reflect on being thankful that God brought you your spouse?  Probably not many, to think about it I really haven’t.  I have on other days but not on Valentine’s day.  This Valentine’s Day will be different because my perspective has changed and tomorrow will be more of a celebration of God giving me my spouse.  I love my husband and besides my Salvation Brett is one of the best things God has given me.  Brett and I have been through a lot during our marriage and we still get giddy in love when we look into each other’s eyes.  God has done for us and kept our love strong.  We don’t need to work on love just 1 day a year, we work on it every day of the year.



  1. You are the second best gift God has ever given to me. And I never feel like a wuss when I show you how much I love and appreciate you!

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