Posted by: Tracy | February 8, 2010

Sense of Humor

Does God have a sense of humor or what?  I hate doing laundry and in the last 12 days I have had nothing but laundry.  The washer and dryer machine hasn’t had a break in almost 2 weeks since our family has had the stomach flu.  This in one con to having a large family is that is takes a while to get rid of an illness.  Josiah is still having it, at least it’s not barfing but it is coming out the other end and blowing out in everything.   So which brings the never-ending laundry.  I am so thankful for a washer and dryer because I don’t know what we would do with out them.  Brett and I commented on that and wonder how people without one do it.  The bedding and clothing is just nasty to clean up but to do it by hand that would be gross.  It does have to get done though so I give the people without washer and dryers; kudos.

I look in the past 12 days of this flu season for us the house work hasn’t been a big priority  but some how it doesn’t look too bad.  It is bugging me that I haven’t gotten some stuff done but I know my kids are more important to take care of.  There will be time to get the much-needed house work done when we are healthy again.  Which I pray it will be soon.

I also have spent time with God during this time of illness and relying on Him to get us through this.  I trust He will.  I have actually had to clean up barf and I am not the one that usually cleans it up because I can’t handle it.  This time was different because I prayed and talked to God while I cleaned it all up and let Brett take care of the easy part, cuddling the child after the clean up.

We have had not much sleep but I have gotten God’s strength to get me through each day with out too much stress from being tired.  It has amazed me how I have dealt with this period of illness and it has been a better experience because I have leaned on God during this time.

I am thankful for God’s sense of humor because He passes it to me especially in times like these.  All I can do is laugh about it and there is nothing else I can do.  Getting angry about it won’t do anything, maybe frustration as well but neither of those will do any good for a person.

The thing I ask and pray that we get healthy again and back a daily routine.


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