Posted by: findinggodspeace | February 3, 2010


Have you ever thought about time and who it belongs to?  You have 24 hours in a day right?  Right!   So who does it belong to yourself or to God?  To be honest I use to believe that time belonged to me and those precious hours in the day was mine to use however I wanted to use them.  It seemed like I never had enough time to do everything in the 24 hours that was alotted to me.  I was stressed and felt very overwhelmed with life.  I felt like a failure as a wife and mother because I couldn’t get everything done.  I saw people put on their Facebook status’s what they accomplished in the little time they did and I was jealous and couldn’t figure out how they did it.   Then something changed.

God put a nudge into my heart that I needed to change my perspective in how I looked at how I was using the time He gave me.  I finally realized that my time was no longer my time it was God’s time.  That is how needed to start looking at it.  Once I did that I started looking into the day and see how I am using it, am I pleasing God in what I was doing or was it unpleasing?  It was unpleasing to Him, I was spending a lot of the time playing on Facebook, watching movies on the internet and just being lazy about things.  There was no where in the day that had anything to do with God.  So I changed that as well.

Now with God’s time I wake up in the morning to read God’s word and journal my prayers.  I pray in the shower and pray throughout the day and close the day off with doing a Bible Study.  Since I have been doing that the days are less stressful and things gets accomplished.  The place is clean and I have the time to relax,  play on Facebook without feeling guilty and watch a movie.    Yes, I did sacrifice some time of quietness without kids but it is well worth it because I gave the time I thought was mine to God and now I spend it with Him instead.  I  can feel the rewards from God as I spend more of God’s time with Him.

So, how are you spending the time God has given to you?  Are you playing on Facebook? Watching your favorite TV show?  Or anything that is a barrier between God and you?   Some people say they are too busy to read the Bible or give up any time for Him, I just can’t understand that one because Jesus had time to give up for you.     Search your heart and look at your day to see where your priorities lay.


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