Posted by: findinggodspeace | August 12, 2009

Falling into a deep pit

I feel like I am slipping away to somewhere that is very very dark.  I know God loves me but I don’t see it in my some of the main parts of my life right now.  How can He love me but give me a child that just doesn’t care at such a young age?  I was excepting this kind of behavior in the teen years but not many years before it.  It is beginning to be so hard to love her.  She doesn’t feel sorry for the things she does and doesn’t care if it hurts me or the rest of the family.  All this is taking a tole on my life and I just don’t care to be apart of it right now.  I don’t want to clean or have any responsibilities at the moment.  I need some quiet solitude to myself to find peace and to recoup myself but that will never happen due to not having any money.

Someday or some way I will find or get peace through all of this but right now I am falling and falling and can’t seem to come out of it.


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